Cisco OnLine Curriculum

  CCNA Exploration OnLine Curriculum CCNP OnLine Curriculum
  CIS 81 Networking Fundamentals CIS 185 Advanced Routing
    CCNA Network Fundamentals v 5.0   CCNP 1 BSCI version 5.0
  CIS 82 Routing Protocols, Concepts, and Theory CIS 186 Implementing Secure Cisco Wide Area Networks
    CCNA Routing Concepts and Protocols v 5.0   CCNP 2 ISCW version 5.0
  CIS 83 LANs, Switching, and WANS CIS 187 Multilayer Switched Networks
    CCNA LAN Switching and Wireless v 4.0   CCNP 3 BCMSN version 5.0


    CCNA Accessing the WAN v 4.0 CIS 188 Optimizing Network Technologies (ONT or OCN)
        CCNP 4 ONT (OCN) version 5.0
  CIS 146 CCNA Security  
    CCNA Security  
  CCNA Discovery OnLine Curriculum (Introductory Level Curriculum - Not used in CNSA courses)
    CCNA 1 version 4.0    
    CCNA 2 version 4.0    

  Wirless OnLine Curriculum IT Essentials OnLine Curriculum
  CIS 140 Wireless LAN (WLAN) Fundamentals CIS 170 IT Essentials
    Wireless LANs version 1.2   IT Essentials